viernes, agosto 21st, 2015


Community Arts Center: a community-driven project that showcases local artists and vendors

Community Arts Center   Rabbit Hole Gallery is a community-driven project that showcases local artists and vendors alike in an effort to promote their work in exchange for providing workshops and classes to the public, free of charge. Imagine an interactive art space full of energy, color and inspiration created by the public, for the public. A space where families can spend time together and children can learn from professional artists. A place where local businesses can get their foot in the door and feel supported in their own creativeRead More


THE GREENHOUSE FARMING WITH HYDROPONICS   INTRODUCTION Large-scale corporate hydroponic farming is a form of modern agriculture that generates extensive production of crops like vegetables and flowers. The farm products are commercially produced for export and domestic use. For example, hydroponic roses from Holland are regularly shipped worldwide and, vegetables hydroponically grown in Canada are shipped to the U.S. Likewise, Australia supplies hydroponic lettuce to Japan for garnishing McDonald’s Hamburgers.   In the center of all this major commercialization are a few remaining traditional family farmers endeavoring to apply modernRead More

Icecream Social goes large!: to feed the whole of Victoria all of the icecream it could ever eat!

Icecream Social goes large! The story of the project Icecream Social started with the most delicious sort of bang right at the tail end of 2014. We started making all natural icecream using fresh local ingredients in the Goldfields of Victoria. We make flavours that range from the traditional to the avant garde, inspired by local produce, by best quality chocolate and by David Bowie alike.  For the past six months, we’ve been roaming the streets in our old-school icecream truck, dispensing frosty treats to the deserving and the undeserving alike. We’veRead More

The Community Kitchen: A Community Kitchen at the Museum of Futures

The Community Kitchen   A significant acquisition for the new GLA supported Museum at the heart of the community, the Community Kitchen will enable local start-up or home-based food businesses with the opportunity many have been seeking to explore the potential for a sustainable business future in cooking and catering . Small business who may currently lack resources, if not the imagination and commitment to succeed, will be able to utilise a kitchen providing rare access to industry standard equipment & professional support. Local kitchen supply specialists & other advisersRead More

Cubiertos de Madera: Fabrica de productos desechables y sustentables para la industria alimenticia – Juntamos calidad, diseño y ecología

Cubiertos de Madera   Qué problema resuelve Reemplazamos platos y cubiertos desechables por alternativas de mejor calidad, diseño y que al mismo tiempo son ecológicos. Habitualmente en eventos y celebraciones, así como en restaurantes de comida rápida y para llevar, se utiliza cubiertos y vajilla de plástico, los que además de ser de baja calidad en la mayoría de los casos, dejan una huella permanente en el medio ambiente, sin que las empresas se hagan responsables por la basura que generan ya que no existen tantas alternativas. Nosotros hemos cambiadoRead More

Midé – New EP: I need you with me on the journey to a new EP – You can choose from a number of exclusive offers to support the vision

Midé – New EP Aloha, I’ve begun working on a new EP and I’d like to get you in on it in a different way this time. I’ve been really lucky to put out a couple of EPs and even a debut album because of the amazing support I’ve enjoyed from everyone who has been a part of my journey. From Travelin’ Light to The Only Way Is Up. This time, by pledging, you can be a part of the creative process of the New EP and together we can endRead More

Jóvenes colombianos podrán ser los futuros líderes.

COLOMBIA (AndeanWire, 21 de Agosto de 2015) – A partir del 24 de agosto, los jóvenes de todo el país podrán participar en la convocatoria laboral que anualmente realiza Unilever y que tiene como propósito la formación de talentos y el desarrollo de líderes dentro de la compañía.


Central Latino: part nail salon, part hair salon and barbershop that has become a Brooklyn staple

Personal Story Hello Kiva Members my name is Alejandro Perez, and I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I moved to the United States at the age of 27 all while, expecting a new born daughter to be a welcome new addition to my family. For the first two years living here in Brooklyn, New York I worked in a grocery store day in and day out to provide for my family. I then realized I needed something better, I’ve always enjoyed cutting hair and always wanted toRead More