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Lunerbaby2020 is a multicultural hair salon that offers hair extensions and specializes in wig making and Asian haircuts

Personal Story My name is Damian. I was born in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I moved from Milwaukee to Madison at the tender age of 10 with my mother and two siblings. During this time, my mother was a single parent so I was co-parented by other family members between the neighboring cities of Milwaukee and Chicago. Our family constantly moved around. I was never able to settle into a school for more than a year. Every year, it was a new school and new crowd. Being a mixed child, I alwaysRead More

Matty James – The Road To No Town: Join Matty James as he embarks on a journey down ‘The Road To No Town’ to make his second studio album!

Matty James – The Road To No Town Join me as I embark on a journey down ‘The Road To No Town’…. After such a positive response to my debut ‘Last One To Die’ (thanks again!), I intend to release my second studio album ‘The Road To No Town’ later this year. Pre-order the CD and exclusive goodies such as a bonus acoustic album, t-shirts, beer tankards, hand written lyric sheets and more. Plus experiences such as a cover song of your choice recorded just for you, or even having meRead More

Project NIA Summer 2015 Fundraiser

Project NIA Summer 2015 Fundraiser   Project NIA needs your help to raise $15,000 to help support our work through the end of the year. So far in 2015, Project NIA has: 1. Co-led a successful campaign to pass reparations for Burge police torture survivors. 2. Co-developed and co-facilitated a leadership development program called Young Leaders for Justice (YLJ). 3. Catalyzed and incubated Liberation Library, a volunteer-led initiative to send books to incarcerated children in three Illinois youth prisons. 4. Organized and facilitated a number of workshops and events aboutRead More

Chez Kidz – Food Allergy Friendly Catering 4 Kidz: Healthy Kids…Happy Kids

Chez Kidz – Food Allergy Friendly Catering 4 Kidz   Attention Sensitive-Stomach owners:  There’s a new catering company opening soon in the West Island that specializes in stuff that will not send your kids to the ER. It’s estimated that as many as 1.2 million Canadians suffer from food allergies and, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the incidence is on the rise, especially among kids. Those food products most commonly associated with producing severe allergic reactions are eggs, milk, peanuts, soy, sulphites, tree nuts, seafood, sesame and wheat. TheRead More

The Beehive Short Film: Transplanting the relationship of Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol during the 1960’s pop art scene into the present day hipster movement

The Beehive Short Film The story of the project You have the opportunity to become involved in writer/director Jacobie Gray’s next short film called ‘The Beehive’. This is Jacobie’s 3rd short film and she hopes to include some very cool visual effects (aka VFX) which can be expensive.  Film Synopsis: Transplanting the relationship of Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol during the 1960’s pop art scene into the present day hipster movement, the film unfolds in an art studio called The Beehive; a place where artists go to pollinate. The story follows Angelique, an ageing superstar socialite,Read More

Impact of Reg A+ Up for Discussion at The Soho Loft Global Real Estate Crowdfunding

The Soho Loft Media Group with Victoria Global will conduct the Global Real Estate #crowdfunding Conference on July 23, 2015 in San Francisco, California July 6, 2015 – SAN FRANCISCO — Top experts and thought leaders in the crowdfunding industry will converge in San Francisco, California for the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference. Investors, entrepreneurs, developers and professionals in the real estate industry will also attend the event. This premier event intersects the real estate sector with financial innovations like Regulation A+, online syndication and crowdfunding. The half day eventRead More

eTAP – The Worlds Only Electric Faucet: transformed an electric faucet type into a USB-AC Charging Device flowing electric current than water

eTAP – The Worlds Only Electric Faucet   Uniquely designed and fashionably transformed an electric faucet type into a USB-AC Charging Device flowing electric current than water.  Keeping in mind what WATER means to us in our lives, eTap was designed and created that would not just enhance the beauty of your electric socket but most importantly cut down your monthly bills by giving a helping hand simply by twisting the faucet’s head. The BLUE light on top of the eTap indicates the electricity current flowing as water from the faucet which will remind us to turn the eTAP off before we leave our house or work place.Read More

writing a book: I am working on a opinion and observation book about the current state of the U.S. and just how it may have become so bad

    I was raised on the premise of thinking for myself and common sense. Watching true news casters like Walter Cronkite and listening to satirical comedians like George Carlin have infused me with a thirst for truth and wisdom. I have spent the last forty plus years watching my fellow planet passengers and how they act and react to current affairs, political situations, world events, social unrest and the general changing times and have come to realize that certain things need to be spoken of and brought to theRead More