domingo, agosto 23rd, 2015


Gandhi – UNIVERSO ASIMETRICO: Nuevo disco Universo Asimétrico ya en preventa además de conciertos, experiencias y mercadería exclusiva de Gandhi!

Gandhi – UNIVERSO ASIMETRICO Hola somos Gandhi de Costa Rica y tenemos un nuevo disco, se llama Universo Asimétrico. Tenemos más de 20 años juntos y este es nuestro sexto disco… lo estamos haciendo 100% independientes sin ninguna disquera de por me dio. En otras palabras, estamos volviendo a nuestros inicios… cuando lanzamos nuestro primer disco “En el Jardín del Corazón” en 1997, comenzamos grabando entre el garaje y cuartos vacíos de una construcción (según nosotros por la “acústica”…) en 4-track de cassette, luego por primera vez en un estudio (LINKRead More

BROKEN Movie -Matched Dollar4Dollar

BROKEN Movie -Matched Dollar4Dollar DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR MATCHED FUNDING! Welcome to the official BROKEN Feature Film Pozible Campaign! I’m so excited about this film, which I began writing 3 years ago, and am finally hoping to direct and film this summer! The budget for BROKEN is $13000. In order to raise this I pledge to MATCH every dollar you put towards this film with my own. (So if we reach the target, I’ll be paying half the film’s budget). The story of the project At it’s innermost core, BROKEN is a raw,Read More

Chile Lindo: unique country-style home cooking, or cocina artesanal

Personal Story My name is Paula Tejeda, I am the sole proprietor of Chile Lindo. Chile Lindo is an empanada shop in the Mission district that serves as a cultural hub for the Mission district community and for people interested in Chile and South America. I was born in New York City to Chilean parents and grew up between Chile and NYC. I first came to the San Francisco Bay Area during my teens, in the early 1980s. I studied production at Laney College in Oakland, and was accepted toRead More


MIKE CARR – KARATE 1 PREMIER LEAGUE   I am a karate athlete in England and looking for funding for the 2015 season, I am competing in something called Karate 1 – Premier League which a series of tournaments scattered across the world. My tournament placing then gets me a number of points which is then tallied into the league. Karate 1 consists of the worlds best karate competitors competing against each other. in 2014 I was only able to attend two out of eight of the tournaments due to funding and finishedRead More


TEAMUCAN2 – SAILING FOR GOLD 2016 Hello & welcome to TEAMUCAN2! Please click above to watch our video and hear our story. We are Canada’s two-person paralympic sailing team going for GOLD at Rio in the Skud-18 class. We are also a married couple! We met sailing in Miami, racing against each other when Jackie was on the British sailing team. We fell in love (not just with sailing…) and Jackie moved to Canada while John went to Beijing and won a bronze medal for Canada. For the Rio campaignRead More

Documentary on people living with HIV in South Africa

Documentary on people living with HIV in South Africa   HI,I am Deepak .I am going to make a documentary on people sufferings from AIDS in south Africa.Since South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world. In 2012, an estimated 6.1 million people were living with HIV with 240,000 South Africans dying from AIDS-related illnesses.This documentary will cover life of people sufferings with HIV ,their condition,the role of Govt and Ngo’s to improve their condition by providing medicine,counseling,prevention initiatives.This Documentary will also cover the R&DRead More

ColdCan – Keeps Both 12 & 16 oz Drinks Super Cold: Keep cold drinks colder, longer – Uses spacesuit insulating tech to lock in the cold

ColdCan – Keeps Both 12 & 16 oz Drinks Super Cold   Keeps cold drinks colder, longer. Uses spacesuit insulating technology to lock in the cold. Enjoy 12oz & 16oz can drinks, plus more to come! The Beer Can Koozie Grows Up with ColdCanWe recently met our funding goal with a campaign on another crowd-funding website, but did not want to leave out IndieGOGO. More pre-sales enhances our ability to serve our customers. This is your chance to get in on the first production run of ColdCan products, and help us toRead More

App to Assist Marginalized Students in Public School: An app to be created for Richard Montgomery High School to help marginalized students remove impediments to academic success

Mission: To provide an easily accessible, comprehensive method for students to utilize already existing resources at Richard Montgomery High School. Intended features: • Calendar of upcoming school events and extracurriculars offered   • Page of links to assistance hotlines for students struggling with any severe issue where they might possibly need to contact a 24-hour service. (Suicide prevention, LGBTQA, etc.) • Calendar that can be accessed and added to by teachers in which they can list possible SSL or CAS opportunities for students. • Page through which students can fillRead More