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Bunny Muffins: will inpsire and educate children to follow this heroic group of animals

Bunny Muffins   Bunny Muffins was created to help bring cooking back to our homes! At ChefsNshape we believe that our children’s nutrition starts at an early age and with this book kids will be begging to cook with their families. Our company ChefsNshape is a community food and fitness project where our Chefs give back their knowledge of food and help physically inspire change. We have sponsored events such as the Lift For Food challenge and Burn & Earn. Using the profit from this book we will not onlyRead More

The Welcome Dinner Project: to foster new and meaningful connections between newly arrived people and established Australians over pot-luck meals

The Welcome Dinner Project By joiningthedots The Welcome Dinner Project connects newly arrived and established Australians around the kitchen table. Everyone brings a dish to share, barriers are broken down and meaningful connections develop. Our communities are hungry for connection! We need your help to bring Welcome Dinners to every neighbourhood! We think of Australia as a friendly country, but for many who come here from overseas; be they migrants, refugees, or even international students, those small opportunities to feel ‘welcome’ can feel few and far between. We know thisRead More

FAO: Древние культуры будут сохранены для будущих поколений в арктическом семенохранилище

Сорта картофеля, когда–то считавшиеся утерянными, будут сохранены для будущих поколений Новые сорта картофеля будут добавлены к более 860 тыс. семян сельхозкультур, хранящимся в семенохранилище на Шпицбергене. Шпицберген, Норвегия – Сорта одной из самых важных мировых сельскохозяйственных культур будут сохранены в арктических льдах. Жозе Грациану да Силва, Генеральный директор Продовольственной и сельскохозяйственной организации Объединенных Наций (ФАО) присоединится к группе научных экспертов и делегатов из Перу, Коста-Рики и Норвегии для участия в специальной церемонии на острове Шпицберген во второй половине дня. Специальное хранилище станет частьюВсемирного семенохранилища на Шпицбергене, находящегося в районе вечной мерзлоты,Read More

Alfie’s Beer Bus – mobile bar start up

Alfie’s Beer Bus – mobile bar start up   My Pledge Thanks for visiting!  It’s great to see you, fancy a beer? Let’s cut to the chase; you’re here to see what we’re all about so i’ll keep things short and sweet: We need £5,000 to get our beer bus Alfie’s, off the ground and operational. What is Alfie’s? To put simply, Alfie’s is a mobile beer bus that brings the beautiful taste of hand crafted ales to you!  As we’re based in Cardiff we’ve focussed on independent Welsh breweriesRead More

FAO: Coltivazioni antiche conservate per le future generazioni nel deposito di sementi dell’Artico

Varietà di patate, ritenute perdute per le popolazioni andine che le avevano introdotte, saranno salvaguardate per le generazioni future Nuove varietà di patata saranno ora aggiunte agli oltre 860.000 semi di colture alimentari conservati nello Svalbard Global Seed Vault, sepolti nel ghiaccio perenne a nord del Circolo Polare Artico 27 agosto 2015– Alcune varietà di una delle più importanti colture di base al mondo saranno oggi conservate per l’eternità nel profondo dei ghiacci artici.  Il Direttore Generale della FAO, José Graziano da Silva, insieme ad esperti scientifici e delegazioni provenientiRead More

Meet me at Green Dragon Parade

Meet me at Green Dragon Parade       The N21 Live Local Spend Local business group want to restore the Masons Corner sign which is barely readable. Named after a hardware store which closed in the 1970s, this is an important junction in Winchmore Hill, linking Green Lanes and Green Dragon Lane. Two hundred metres down the road is the Green Dragon pub (dating back to 1720s). It sadly closed in March and its future is uncertain. Whatever the outcome, we want to ensure that the Green Dragon willRead More

Emprendedores del Oeste!: StartupOeste es la comunidad de emprendedores de Zona Oeste de GBA – Necesitamos tu ayuda para contituirnos como ONG y sustentarla por un año

Emprendedores del Oeste! Acerca del Proyecto   Somos la Comunidad Emprendedora del Oeste!! El Oeste tiene una oportunidad enorme en su Capital Humano. Necesitamos tu ayuda para constituirnos como una ONG y continuar trabajando para consolidar el ecosistema emprendedor del Oeste. Te invitamos a ver nuestra web para conocernos mejor! www.startupoeste.com   StartupOeste es parte de ASEA, la Asociacion de Emprendedores de Argentina www.asea.com.ar Que es StartupOeste?   StartupOeste es una comunidad de emprendedores de la Zona Oeste de GBA que tiene como propósito consolidar el ecosistema emprendedor de laRead More

Survival of School in Pakistan

Survival of School in Pakistan   All children have a right to a basic education. In Pakistan this is very difficult for the poor and ‘girls’ especially if they are Christian. This secondary school is under threat because funding this by a minority group is difficult. The boys leave early if the parents are poor as they have to work, the girls have severe restrictions places on them to travel unescorted. This Christian school provides the means to educate them. The school is is need of both repair and provisionRead More