viernes, agosto 28th, 2015


Pave the Way Home: transform and renew our community

Pave the Way Home More Info Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Community First! Village is a 27-acre master-planned community that will provide affordable, sustainable housing, and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas. Over 9 years, we have successfully lifted 99 disabled, chronically homeless neighbors into housing with an 87% long-term success rate. Our goal is to lift 225 of Austin’s homeless off the streets and into a permanent, supportive community including 100-5th wheel RV’s, 100 Micro-homes, and 25 canvas-side cottages. 5th Wheel RV’s ($25,000):  Include a fullyRead More

The “Uiver Rescue” Art Competition: with artists invited to submit artworks

The “Uiver Rescue” Art Competition The “Uiver Rescue” Art Competition. A stormy night in 1934 …A lost DC-2 aircraft …Albury town lights flash in Morse Code … A dramatic rescue in the dark … Vintage cars light up the Albury Race course … Two parachute flares light up the town … The Uiver lands …and all on-board are saved!!! This dramatic event occured in October 1934, when the Dutch KLM “Uiver” DC-2 aeroplane became lost during the MacRobertson Air Race from England to Melbourne (Australia). The 1934 MacRobertson Air RaceRead More

Project Ripple 2015: Literally taking theatre to the streets to make it accessible to all

                                                                                                                                                                                        Sergio Rinquist Muizenberg Festival Presents: Project Ripple 2015 Project Ripple is a series of performances that will animate Muizenberg’s public spaces and inspire its vibrant community   Project Ripple is inspired by Cape Town’s annual public arts festival ‘Infecting the City’ but plans to go a step further by initiating a creative chain reaction in the most creative hub of Cape Town: Muizenberg. Literally taking theatre to the streets to make it accessible to all, Project Ripple aims to populate and activate Muizenberg’s spaces with public expression-dancing, drama,Read More

San Lorenzo de Almagro vuelve a Boedo: raise funds to enable the club to return to its place in the world: Boedo – Buenos Aires

San Lorenzo de Almagro vuelve a Boedo Football clubs are so much more than 11 players on the pitch. They’re social institutions. They glue communities together. They give tens of thousands of people a reason to see their friends and family each weekend and share a unique passion. Rip a football club from its home and this social cohesion begins to be dismantled. San Lorenzo de Almagro, one of the biggest and most cherished clubs in Argentina, was unjustly removed from its neighbourhood by the underhand dealings of the country’sRead More

PINTURAS BLER en alianza con SHERWIN-WILLIAMS, uno de los mayores productores de pinturas del mundo.

COLOMBIA (AndeanWire, 28 de Agosto de 2015)     La colombiana Pinturas Bler le apuesta a las grandes alianzas en el mercado de las pinturas, es así como recientemente estableció alianza con Sherwin-Williams, considerado como uno de los mayores productores de pinturas y recubrimientos en Estados  Unidos.

Help Get #EmmeToEngland!: I’ve been accepted into the NFTS’s Masters of Screenwriting – please help me take the spot!

Help Get #EmmeToEngland! Hello! My name’s Emme – I’m an English Literature student and aspiring screenwriter. This year I applied to the National Film and Television School’s Masters of Screenwriting – and was accepted!  I feel that film school is the pathway that will best support me as I work to break into the industry, providing the experience and international contacts that I need to have my work read.  I have applied for several grants and scholarships – but unfortunately, there aren’t many, and competition is fierce. I won’t beRead More

CHROMA CASE for Gopro: CHROMA-CASE Your Gopro doesnt have to be transparent

CHROMA CASE for Gopro   Introduction Why must Gopro all look the same? HI GOPRO LOVERS, After a decade, our favourite action camera brand Gopro is still…… yes , transparent. That’s when we come in. Chroma is a company that specializes in casing for your Gopro cameras! Being waterproof and made of strong durable materials !  Don’t be afraid to give your Gopro a little splash of personality and character! Take it out on your suction cup, chest harness, helmet and show it off to your friends! Don’t you wish yourRead More

Mundial de Tumbling: Viajar al mundial de Gimnasia Acrobática, en la disciplina Tumbling representando a la Argentina

Mundial de Tumbling Acerca del Proyecto   ¡Hola! Me presento: Soy Esteban Mascó, tengo 21 años y hago Tumbling, una de las tres disciplinas que conforman la Gimnasia Acrobática. Mi situación es la siguiente: Soy seleccion nacional de Tumbling Argentino, estoy clasificado para viajar al Mundial 2015 en Dinamarca, como a Copas del Mundo que se hacen en Francia, Portugal y otros paises de Europa, pero sin embargo no cuento con ningun tipo de apoyo del estado. Decidí resumir mi objetivo de este año al Mundial en Dinamarca 2015 yaRead More