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Friends of Peabody Dog Park: to build an off-leash dog park to our city

  Friends of Peabody Dog Park More Info YOU CAN HELP! Support the community by supporting Friends of Peabody Dog Park.  Become a volunteer, donate, or if you can’t donate spread the word by becoming a supporter of our campaign. Find Friends Of Peabody Dog Parkon Facebook and Google Page, or just stay updated by being a supporter on Fundly. We keep all these pages current with park news, opportunities, and events. Your dogs will thank you for it. Find us on: FACEBOOK GOOGLE Summary: We are a committee ofRead More

Show Me Wot You Got: 2015 Talent London Youth Contest

Show Me Wot You Got The Show Me Wot You Got Project  Show Me Wot You Got is a grand organisation that aims to unite the colleges & sixth forms within London and aims to promote the prodigious talents of the youths within our very own capital city. This project takes a dedicated team of students working in partnership over a space of 10 months. The Show Me Wot You Got project has an aim of £5000, to help fund our 2015/16 show.  Who are you? My name is AnitaRead More

Nepal Drinks: un emprendimiento argentino que busca crear un portafolio bebidas de funcionales

Nepal Drinks   Qué problema resuelve Con el creciente ritmo de trabajo actual, la gente busca nuevas formas para encontar un balance entre sentirse bien y seguir con su rutina. En está búsqueda, consume productos como el café o las bebidas energizantes, que en realidad tienen un efecto contrario al deseado.  Descripción de la solución Nepal Relax & Focus, nuesto primer lanzamiento, es una novedosa bebida funcional relajante hecha a base de té verde y hierbas naturales. Entre sus propiedades está la de reducir el stress, bajar la ansiedad y aumentarRead More


TO TAIJI : THE SPIRIT OF IRUKA PROJECT (ANIME FILM + TRIP) THE STORY: a 17 year old girl in her senior year in Taiji just discovered that she is a dolphin spirit in a human body! along with her Twin flame , they discover their purpose for being here is to restore balance to land and sea through art. and seemingly impossible feats. They go on an epic adventure to prove that dolphins are a “Takara”, treasure, in Japanese.     Help this movie come to life with yourRead More

D-Thorn. Every Florist’s Best Friend

Imagine this…. It was 5.30am. There we were, ready for another day at the office. In our case, the office consisted of a workbench, a wooden table piled with flowers, foam blocks, cellophane paper, glue guns, wire, secateurs, all the components necessary to ply our creativity. I was inspired. I love being a florist. The smell of fresh flowers, the open canvas that is a bowl, a basket, your imagination.. the best tool at your disposal. It was St. Valentine’s Day. We had orders coming from all directions and todayRead More

David Drake hosts Virtual Master Class on Reg A+, & Reg D, Rule 506 C with Andersen & Purcell

Image credit to pixabay.com The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global present the Virtual Master Class on Reg A+ and Reg D, Rule 506 C on September 3, 2015   NEW YORK – Aug. 29, 2015 — On Thursday, 3  September 2015, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and investors will attend a Virtual Master Class on real estate investing. This 2-hour event is scheduled to start at 2pm and conclude at 4pm. The focus of the virtual master class will be alternative financing, specifically private placement and #crowdfundingthrough Regulation D,Read More

The Sensel Morph: INTERACTION, EVOLVED: The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.

The Sensel Morph offers a new generation of multi-touch interaction, powered by our patented Pressure Grid technology, in the form of an input device that allows people to interact with computers and programs in a whole new way. With its high dynamic range of force sensitivity, The Morph can detect not just your fingers but any object, from a paintbrush to a drumstick. The Morph works out of the box with many applications, and it’s also hackable for those more technically-inclined. You can connect it to your computer via USB,Read More

Carnival Parade Workshop for Kids: Creating a space for parents, guardians and concerned citizens to back talented children from “different” worlds

Jungle Theatre Presents: Carnival Parade workshop for kids Children from diverse communities in and around Muizenberg get together in a creative arts workshop and Carnival Parade performance.   I live in Muizenberg with my wife and three children. Often on weekends we’ll be walking around the Vlei or the beach with our dogs. We’ll come across a group of children who are visiting Muizenberg and have walked from Vryground or Lavander hill. They are not with their parents and they look a bit lost. My children look at them andRead More