martes, marzo 1st, 2016


26 de febrero Día del Patrimonio Cultural de Guatemala

GUATEMALA (AndeanWire, 01 de Marzo de 2016) La primera visita oficial del Gobierno a la ciudad Maya de Tikal, un 26 de febrero de 1848, marcó la historia de nuestro país en lo referente a Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación. La visita fue realizada por el Gobernador y Magistrado de Petén, Modesto Méndez. De esa cuenta, en 1998 el Acuerdo Gubernativo No. 86-98 declara el 26 de febrero como el Día del Patrimonio Cultural de Guatemala.



Se inaugura en Holanda exposición de piezas Mayas

GUATEMALA (AndeanWire, 01 de Marzo de 2016) En el Museo Drents de la ciudad de Assen, Holanda, abrió la exposición “Ciudades en la Selva” que ofrece una muestra de 195 piezas Mayas pertenecientes al Patrimonio Cultural de Guatemala. En la inauguración estuvo presente el Ministro de Cultura y Deportes, José Luis Chea Urruela acompañado del Embajador de Guatemala en Holanda, Gabriel Edgardo Aguilera Peralta y del director del Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología, Daniel Aquino.



Viceministro de economía y senador fortalecen lazos de cooperación para beneficiar mipymes

GUATEMALA (AndeanWire, 01 de Marzo de 2016) El Viceministro de Desarrollo de la Micro, Pequeña y Mediana Empresa -Mipyme- , Ezrra Orozco, se reunió recientemente con el Senador para los Franceses en el Extranjero, Olivier Cadic, para establecer proyectos que permitan la creación de empleo en Guatemala.



Wanan Beads: We import Tagua beads, acai beads and natural pearls directly from the tropical forests of Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.

Personal Story We are Colombian and moved to New Jersey 5 years ago. We are lovers of non-traditional jewelry. In 2011, we started selling supplies for jewelry imported directly from the rainforests of South America. Our dream is to have a large company with social responsibility in the communities with manufacturers of natural beads and environmentally friendly practices. Business Description We are a company dedicated to selling supplies for jewelry of excellent quality and competitive prices. Our emphasis is on the beads that are handmade from natural seeds. We importRead More

Afya Foundation Kicks Off “Project Spora” Shipping More than 60,000 Pounds of Medical Supplies and Other Provisions to the Greek island of Lesvos

  “Europe’s First Responders: The Heroes of Lesvos, Greece” video sheds light on refugee crisis in Lesvos and impact of Afya’s shipments of medical supplies, hospital equipment, and humanitarian provisions – view here: Three 40-foot containers will be loaded and shipped from Afya’s Yonkers warehouse this month – starting on March 1 – as part of an international effort to help equip Greece’s medical providers with supplies and equipment needed to deliver care for refugees and locals alike Greek religious, business and political leaders unite around Project Spora, lendingRead More

IGES Canada Limited: strategic investments in energy conservation and fresh food production

IGES combines innovative financial and energy technologies to develop strategic investments in energy conservation and fresh food production that create jobs, build resilient infrastructure, and develop skills and knowledge within local communities – at a profit. Our Integrated Environmentally Controlled Greenhouse combines proven commercially available hydroponic greenhouse technology with industrial waste heat capture systems to offer year round high yield organic grade fresh fruit and vegetables adaptable to any climatic zones. Hydroponic cultivation experience – Combined 70+ years staff and partners experience in large scale hydroponic cultivation Strategic alliances withRead More

Crowdera: future of funding for things that matter

A free crowdfunding platform where vetted non-profits, individuals & organizations raise money from their crowd and simultaneously pitch to giving funds by corporations, foundations and syndicates. The future of funding for things that matter! Crowdera is a highly curated crowdfunding platform for non profits, individuals and entrepreneurs to raise money free for a cause, innovation or passion. Crowdera believes doing good should not be penalized, so we do not dip into your contribution and promote fee free fundraising for what matters to you. Crowdera is building a proprietary algorithm toRead More

Albert – The best financial advice is surprisingly simple.

  Albert The best financial advice is surprisingly simple. Los Angeles · Personal Finance Albert gives simple, free financial advice and lets you act on the advice directly from the app. We connect to all of your accounts, provide real life recommendations—like lowering the payments on your credit card, getting renter’s insurance, or setting up the right retirement plan—and let you take action directly from the app. Albert is always humming along quietly in the background, making sure that you’re making the best financial decisions. LAUNCHES 0 Albert February 2016—TheRead More