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Restore Heritage Rainforest, Atherton Tablelands in Australia: If the cassowaries go extinct, so will a variety of trees, and this could have a devastating effect on the ecosystem

My name is Jack and I’m 24 years old. For the past 5 years I have spent the bulk of my time and money working to revegetate and expand the boundaries of heritage rainforest in the Atherton Tablelands in Australia. During this time, I have planted thousands of native trees. Most of these, I raised from seed that I hand-collected from the rainforest floor. Although it’s hard work that I am not paid for, I know that without someone to represent it, the rainforest will give way to development, andRead More

The Gentle Void Art Gallery – a space for the art community to have shows and exhibits, play gigs, or just sell their own work on commission

The Gentle Void Art Gallery By Luffy Rae and Matthew Sertori The story of the project The Gentle Void is an Art Gallery.It’s a gallery that will be filling a void that exists in Hobart.We think Hobart needs a consistent establishment to support the local alternative arts and music scene, and also a touchdown point for alternative artists from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. This space will be for all kinds of artists! The Gentle Void is for painters, illustrators, drawing people, designers, street artists, graffers, musicians.. just everyone! ItRead More

Cellideli: Feeding The World, One Phone at a Time

Join us and help feed millions in need around the world, with our sustainable business model. Please watch our mission video if you haven’t already. It explains everything about Cellideli and what we stand for… this way you can spend less time reading and more time changing the world. Thank you! Our Story Cellideli was founded in August of 2015 with the intention to make the world a better place, even if it was only a little bit better. We love people and we love technology so we combined theRead More

Berlins Vegan Cocktail Bar goes faterer and drunkenerer

Berlins Vegan Cocktail Bar goes faterer and drunkenerer by Jules Chaostheorie Die wahrscheinlich erste vegane Cocktailbar der Welt platzt aus allen Nhten und vergrert sich. Glitzer und Einhrner fehlen noch. About this project Wie kam das alles? Die Chaostheorie ffnete am 10. August 2013. Es war eine spontane und schnelle Kiste. Wir hatten die Idee, haben nach Lden geguckt, haben den einen gefunden, Vertrag unterschrieben, erffnet. Alles innerhalb eines Monats. Das war super verrckt! Seitdem ist viel passiert. Am Anfang hatten wir keine Ahnung, wo uns das hinfhren wrde. EsRead More

Help The Good Food & Wine Co Assist Food Artisans

Help The Good Food & Wine Co Assist Food Artisans   OURAIM Our aimat the Good Food and Wine Company is to help Local (UK and Ireland) Micro (less than 15 employees) Artisan producers of Food and Drink find a “next step”, sustainable, constructive, profitable and easy route to market. For most artisan producers their first sales are through a local market stall orcountry fair. This is an important and useful way for artsans to test customer reaction and to sell! We at The Good Food and Wine Company offerRead More

Sprayable – World’s First Topical Energy and Sleep Spray: The safest, most effective way to boost your energy or fall asleep quickly

Sprayable World’s First Topical Energy and Sleep Spray Sprayable has created the safest, most effective way to boost your energy or fall asleep quickly. Our patented topical products are sprayed on the skin, making their active ingredients much more effective and fast-acting than traditional, orally ingested products such as dietary supplements. The fatal flaw of dietary supplements isnt their main ingredients: its their method of delivery. And because our intellectual property is protected, were the only company that can offer the revolutionary energy and sleep sprays. People all over theRead More

Matthew – Treadlight Farm: Growing specialty cut flowers, other ornamentals, and vegetables – Our unique, “no-till” growing methods set us apart from most other farms

Matthew Treadlight Farm Bovina Center, NY A loan of $10,000 helps me to double our production and get our flowers and produce to market. Personal Story Irene and I came to farming on two different roads. Irene, from New Jersey, has a background in landscape conservation. Armed with an MS from the University of Pennsylvania, she set out to conserve farmland in the most direct way possible: by working on it. She believes that the more people rely on the land, the better stewards of it they become. Im fromRead More

Teleportd: Search & delivery for mobile social photos

  Teleportd SaaS for search and delivery of public photos taken with smartphones: Web plugins and API for Media, Events, Brands to leverage visual UGC. StagePrototype Ready IndustryInternet / Web Services LocationGBK Restaurants Ltd, Lindsey Street, London, England, United Kingdom CurrencyEUR FoundedOctober 2012 Employees3 Websiteteleportd.com     Company Summary Millions of smartphone photos shared publicly in realtime everyday, but no easy way to search through them or live-stream them. It’s a pain for media, events & brands who want to search for, select and use realtime crowd-sourced photos and unleashRead More