jueves, abril 28th, 2016


ATREVIA abre oficina en Guatemala

COLOMBIA (AndeanWire, 28 de Abril de 2016) •      Con su entrada en el país centroamericano, la consultora amplía su red a 19 oficinas en Europa y América

•      Presente en España, Portugal, Colombia y otros 8 países latinoamericanos, la compañía dispone, además, de sedes en Washington y Bruselas

•      Esta apertura supone un paso más en la apuesta de ATREVIA por liderar el mercado de la consultoría de comunicación en toda Latinoamérica

Inlooh: Replacing gift-registries with a fun, social, and worthwhile experience

Inlooh Replacing gift-registries with a fun, social, and worthwhile experience Were kicking gift registries out the door with our unique combination of tribefunding, event-based social media, and e-commerce, creating a revolutionary experience that all gift givers and receivers will love. On a beautiful Pinterest meets Facebook platform, gifters and giftees collaborate on gift ideas and benefit from the common wealth of knowledge within ones social network. This is a more satisfying, useful, and fluid process than normal registries. Plus, our expanding network of vendors compete for your businesses, offering discountsRead More

Bill Hunt To Keynote Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

Pubcon is pleased to announce that noted search marketing expert Bill Hunt, president at Back Azimuth Consulting and last year’s U.S. Search Awards lifetime achievement award winner, will present a major keynote address during the Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hunt has developed global search strategies for brands such as IBM, P&G, Nestle, Dell, HP, Cisco, Absolut Vodka and many other global brands, and will be delivering his first Pubcon keynote address this October 10 – 13. Hunt is considered one of the topRead More