The Muslimah Guide – A Planner and Workbook for Muslim Women: Creating community and inspiring focused and impactful living

The Muslimah Guide – A Planner and Workbook for Muslim Women


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The MuslimahGuide for Impactful Living is a daily planner for Muslim women with unique features designed to motivate us throughout 2016. There are worksheets to coach us through setting big goals, and monthly assessments for discovering our motivations, strengths, and skills. Gratitude journal spaces give additional room for introspection, writing, and reflecting.

In my consulting work, and as an instructor and lecturer, I’ve written curriculum, modules, and workshop content that gets to the heart of the matter at hand. The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living will get to the heart of your passions as well and guide you through the process of goal-setting and follow-through.

If you’re like most women (myself included) you’ve had days where you struggled to balance your professional, family, and spiritual responsibilities. Working our daily responsibilities around our worship goals can be a daunting task. It can be especially difficult to structure our days around our daily prayers.

The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living comes with a qibla compass and user’s guide to ensure that no matter where we go, we’ll always know which way to pray! Also, at every backer level you’ll receive access to free downloads of prayer apps for iphone and android to keep you on track.

Additionally, you can use The Muslimah Guide just as you would any other off-the-shelf planner to keep your schoolwork or home-life organized. You can note important appointments, project deadlines, and other events – both professional and private. With over 40 unique features – including daily hydration reminders, Islamic quotes, and handy pocket folders – The Muslimah Guide includes everything you need to get through your year!

We’ve made sure to include holidays important to Muslim women that will help you narrow your focus on important themes each month: holidays like Eid, International Women’s Day, and Earth Day, for example! Beautiful art by the winners of our art contest on the monthly dividers will keep you uplifted and inspired as well.

As an early backer of The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living, and when you pre-order copies of The Muslimah Guide in any quantity, you will also ensure your access to exclusive online content and communities. As a creative consultant, artist, and freelance writer I’m connected to inspiring and influential women all over the world. I’m excited to introduce you to these passionate entrepreneurial women when we launch our forums in 2016. There you will be able to meet life-coaches, counselors, fitness instructors, nutritionists, professional organizers, and other supporters who can help you plan, shape, and most importantly, take action towards your 2016 goals and beyond!

Living For Greatest Impact


As a creative content developer and freelance writer I have experience speaking and teaching on topics that matter to Muslim women. From Islamic birth to daily worship and from sustainable living to marriage advice – my articles contain powerful and important reminders on how to blend modern living with Islamic teachings. My art, interviews, and articles have been featured in; The Huffington Post, SISTERS Magazine, Aquila Style, Islamic Art & Architecture, Reflect On This, Almas Magazine, Muslim Matters, Azizah Magazine, and others.

I have a passion for creating programs and curriculum that fill the gap in existing programs and services. As California State University Sacramento Art Club President in 2004 I planned, organized, and sought funding for an extracurricular learning series focused on teaching art students the business skills they needed to succeed in the real world. The class helped budding professional artists gain the real-life skills they weren’t being taught in their classes, but that they needed to succeed. As an instructor and lecturer at all levels from pre-K to college I’ve designed curricula to meet the unique needs of my audiences. In my consulting work I’ve created powerful modules, worksheets, and lesson plans (like the “Greatness” workshop designed for the Menadaki Youth Community in Singapore) that jump right into the material and focus in on the important core issue at hand – helping participants tap into their hidden potential!

Similar daily planners on the market don’t have the unique daily worship help and inspirational guidance we need as Muslim women. Similarly, Ramadan daily goal planners only get us through one month – not our whole year. The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living will carry us through ALL of 2016 (and beyond) and get us more of the Islamic reminders and inspiration we need – which translates into more focused and impactful living that will leave a legacy for us to be remembered by!


Let’s Get Planning!


The funds we raise will be used to design, print, pack, and ship planners to our backers all over the world. Our initial goal is to produce the required minimum quantity of the offset-printed planner. However, when our campaign exceeds this goal, we have the capacity to print many more! We opted for offset printing because it’s considerably more cost-effective than digital in large quantities. We also want to make sure our planner is as affordable and accessible to ALL women, from Pakistan to USA and from the UK to Canada.

In countries (like Pakistan) where the cost-of-living compared to average incomes is ridiculously high we will be offering a portion of the planners at lower rates. This means that your contribution will ensure that both the printed planner, and digital communities, are readily accessible to those in need of it – no matter where they live!

If we reach our goal, we can afford to print, package, and ship the planners and other bonus items. There are absolutely no hidden or surprise shipping fees. The backer level you see includes everything delivered right to your door or inbox (or, if sending as a gift, the door of your choosing!)

Also, as part of this campaign, all the inspiring artists and contributors whose work is featured in the planner, as well as our respected jurors, will be receiving complementary copies of the planner. That’s our way of saying “Thank you” to them from all of us this first year. Together we’ll reward our artists, poets, designers, printers, and other contributors for their time and efforts!

We’ve also partnered with Nai’ma B. Robert of Sister’s Awakening Press andMaria Karim, Managing Editor of Muslimaat Magazine, to bring you additional inspirational bonus content at all our backer levels: 

All backers of The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living will receive free downloadable copies of Muslimaat – Issue 4 (October Issue).

At the $60 and $100 levels you’ll also receive copies of Na’ima B. Robert’s new collection of poetry – Catch Me.

Reaching our target by September 14, 2015 will mean that we can print, pack, and ship your planners, gifts, and bonus materials as soon as possible. We plan to have all planners in your hands by the end of 2015.

As soon as all our planners and backer gifts are sent out we’ll get to work designing and launching our new website, building our online community forums, and seeking out exciting collaborations and exclusive offers for everyone in 2016. Together we can create both The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living and an online community of women sharing our plans, implementation efforts, and successes of our reachable hopes and dreams! 

How You Can Help


I’m incredibly thrilled to have been gifted the opportunity to bring this idea from concept to full fruition. Thank you for joining us in the production of this unique new planner, workbook, and journal rolled into one pretty package! You’re backing a project that will allow us to design, print, and distribute copies of The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living into the hands of Muslim women who need it. We are thrilled to have you on board and encourage you to share this campaign with your classmates, friends, family, and communities so we can grow our success and bring more women into our online community in 2016.

With limited quantities available in this inaugural year we encourage you to grab this chance to come on board with us and make The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living part of your daily routine in 2016. Consider using The Muslimah Guide as a Islamic school or center fundraiser, or pool funds to get your Muslim Student Association members steep discounts!

There are other ways to support us as well…


If you are a Muslim entrepreneur, mompraneur, business-woman, life coach, personal-trainer, nutritionist, designer, professional organizer, crafter, artist, or any other professional that wants to connect with women in our global village, then become part of The Muslimah Guide for Impactful Living Community! Offer your insights, support, advice, or services to push sisters to reach their goals next year! Visit our website to sign up and join us when we launch our improved  website and forums in 2016. Send us and note and let us know how you want to get involved in helping Muslim women achieve their 2016 goals!

Also, please remember to like, share, tweet and e-mail this campaign to your friends, family, student groups, and co-workers. Together we can create a Guidethat meets OUR needs on a daily basis. We look forward to meeting you all in 2016 and remind you to Plan, Create, and Inspire.


The MuslimahGuide for Impactful Living is a daily planner for Muslim women with unique features designed to motivate us throughout 2016. There are worksheets to coach us through setting big goals, and monthly assessments for discovering our motivations, strengths, and skills.
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