Frack Off! The true story of communities against Fracking

Frack Off! The true story of communities against Fracking


“The way that the Government is trampling over local communities in the rush to Frack is unfair and undemocratic.”

The aim of this project is to record the personal experiences and stories of people and communities who are standing up against the unfair practice of fracking in their local area. 

So if you have been or are already involved in the fight against fracking and want to share your own experiences, or if you want to learn from other experiences in your own fight against fracking,  please support and be a part of this project.​ ​


In the countries such as the USA and Australia, Fracking is already well established and now the UK government wants to follow this path regardless of of the fact that 4 in 5 people oppose Fracking.  

The UK government has made it clear that it will see Fracking flourish in the UK and has already granted licenses for exploration all over the country.  60% of the country may be opened up to Fracking.

Full scale production would require the industrialisation of the British countryside. Fracking means 8 or more wells per square mile across every square mile of every licence area.

Local communities have taken a stand against fracking all over the country through peaceful protests and petitions and in these early days have been successful in delaying or blocking Fracking.  

However, the UK government has continued to throw its support behind Fracking operations and have threatened to intervene in local planning decision making if there are further delays to Fracking.  

“This is not fair and is not democractic!”

This project will:

Listen – capture what people have done or are doing, how they got started as a group or campaigned as individuals against fracking.  What is the story behind their groups formation and how they learned to protest
Inspire – highlight inspirational stories where people challenged and defeated businesses that have vast financial support and government backing​
Share – pass on your experience to those who are just taking up the baton against fracking in their area.
Stop fracking! – we hope that by sharing your stories and experience we can help stop fracking.

We believe this project is important because it celebrates people at their best and allows other individuals and groups to learn lessons about how they may take on the energy giants in their own local areas.


The outcome of this project will be a BOOK and a VIDEO of the journey.

This book will be a collaboration with you; the supporters of this project.

I will interview and speak to as many people and community groups as possible – depending on funding and logistics, I will aim to do this face-to-face.  Otherwise, I will have those conversations online or over the phone.

I will document my journeys and my personal interviews with a video camera which will be edited and available to those who have supported the project.

I will aim to capture both the human stories and the hard facts.  This is about real inspirational people and it is also about providing practical steps and guides to those who are taking a stand against Fracking in their own areas.

A massive Thank You for joining in and supporting this project! 

You can also contact me on Twitter: @utopianpath or via email:

This book records the inspirational stories of those who have stood up against Fracking. It is a guide for anyone thinking of setting up their own local community group against Fracking.

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