San Sebastián: One of the Best Tourist Destinations of 2024 according to Forbes Magazine


Forbes magazine has mentioned San Sebastián as a tourist destination for 2024, a place for which the vacation rental company, Always Easy, offers various accommodation options

Forbes Magazine has mentioned San Sebastián as a tourist destination for 2024. In its recent acknowledgment, Forbes has highlighted San Sebastián as one of the most outstanding tourist destinations for the year 2024, a distinction that underscores the city’s unique appeal. San Sebastián stands out not only for its stunning natural beauty but also for its vibrant rich culture and exceptional culinary offerings, elements that together make the tourist experience satisfying.

The Origins of Tourism in San Sebastián and its Opening to the International Public

Since the 1980s, coinciding with the arrival of democracy and Spain’s opening to the outside world, San Sebastián experienced an increase in the influx of international tourists, contributing to its consolidation as an elite gastronomic destination that attracts chefs and global gourmets. This period also saw the proliferation of pintxos, tiny tapas made with fresh, quality ingredients, which emerged as a distinctive symbol of the city’s culinary offerings.

Factors Driving Gastronomic Tourism

Boosting the boom in gastronomic tourism in San Sebastián, the gastronomic heritage is highlighted by a rich and centuries-old Basque culinary tradition, complemented by the abundance of fresh ingredients the region provides, such as fish, seafood, meats, and vegetables. This is added to the innovation of Basque chefs, known for their culinary creativity, and a deeply rooted culture of hospitality towards visitors.

Impact of Gastronomic Tourism

The tourist impact of San Sebastián, significantly driven by international visitors, is clearly reflected in the expansion of the vacation rental market. This phenomenon underscores the city’s position as a globally attractive destination, where the demand for accommodations that combine authenticity and comfort shows tourists’ preference for more personal experiences and closer to local life.

The vacation rental company Always Easy indicates that since they started their activity in 2014, the demand for gastronomic tourism in San Sebastián has continued to grow given the significant local gastronomic variety we find. This causes the supply of rental accommodations in San Sebastián to be abundant and welcomes both national and international tourists, and that these vacation rental companies strive to guarantee the quality of tourism in San Sebastián.

Other Tourism Awards for San Sebastián

Forbes Magazine is not the only one to mention San Sebastián as a tourist destination. In the past 2023, it received 3rd place in the Traveller Review Awards as the most welcoming city, behind Polignano a Mare (Italy) and Hualien City (Taiwan). All these recognitions reaffirm San Sebastián’s position as a tourist destination for 2024.

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