miércoles, agosto 19th, 2015


SWIM FOR SHARKS 2015: event that raises money for organizations that help support and conserve shark populations

SWIM FOR SHARKS 2015   THE STORY: Dear Humans, Sharks are an integral part of the marine ecosystem. As apex predators sharks are essential in maintaining a healthy balance in our oceans. In fact sharks ultimately help to support all life here on Earth. However, each year over 70 million sharks are killed by human activities, and out of the 500 shark species on Earth one third of them are endangered and at serious risk of extinction. Big Blue Conservation holds an annual Swim for Sharks event that raises money forRead More

Open Streets Knoxville: Bike Walk Knoxville is planning this event on Central St between the Old City and Happy Holler on October 25, 2015

Open Streets Knoxville     the project During Open Streets Knoxville, Central St between the Old City and Happy Holler will be filled with people of all ages and abilities. The event provides them with a chance to walk, ride bicycles, hula hoop, zumba in the streets —  all in a setting that is fun and safe. The event will be hosted by Bike Walk Knoxville, with significant support from the City of Knoxville. This pilot event will be the kick-off to several events in 2016.    “The tax deductibilityRead More

Alison and Tom Petersson – ‘Rock Your Speech’ New Album: Rock & Roll with a purpose – Let’s use the power of music to help children with speech disorders associated with autism

Alison and Tom Petersson – ‘Rock Your Speech’ New Album We know first-hand the challenges and rewards that come from having an autistic child. Our son Liam, who is on the spectrum, inspired us to create ‘Rock Your Speech’. What started out as an idea to make music for our son Liam to practice speech with has already grown into so much more. We have dreams of creating things that can help families touched by autism. We also hope to help more people understand what it’s like to live withRead More

Oxford at the Student World Sailing Championships: Raising money to help get the Oxford sailing team to the Student World’s – and in a position to beat them all

Oxford at the Student World Sailing Championships About the project We’ve trained long and hard for the last couple of years to get to where we are now – but we’re not there yet. Even though we qualified at the Student Nationals taking a hard won second place in April, we still have to get to the competition in La Baule, France this October. Sailing teams from around the world are competing, including the reigning Champions Southampton and (our favorite arch-nemisis) Cambridge. In order to do ourselves, Oxford (and England) proud,Read More

Training Amigo LLC: a revolutionary social media company dedicated to connecting fitness enthusiasts

Training Amigo LLC I would like to introduce you to Training Amigo, a revolutionary social media company dedicated to connecting fitness enthusiasts, their fitness devices and apps. Training Amigo allows users to track data efficiently by connecting multiple fitness devices and apps, join in competitions or create their own, earn points from social and fitness actions to be redeemed for prizes and rewards and receive health and fitness information from our blogs, forums and videos. We are building a Health and Fitness Community that focuses on connecting fitness enthusiasts toRead More

PHOTOCOPIER ORCHESTRA: a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments

PHOTOCOPIER ORCHESTRA   Orchestra An orchestra is a large instrumental ensemble that contains sections of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. The term orchestra derives from the Greek ορχήστρα, the name for the area in front of an ancient Greek stage reserved for the Greek chorus. The orchestra grew by accretion throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, but changed very little in composition during the course of the 20th century. A smaller-sized orchestra for this time period (of about fifty musicians or fewer) is called a chamber orchestra. A full-size orchestra (about 100 musicians) may sometimes be called a “symphony orchestra” orRead More

The Impact Of Fintech And Digital Finance

  Banking is at the highest risk of disruption. This video gives a great summary on the impact that FinTech is having on financial services in transition to digital finance.   James Lloyd: “Finance is absolutely core to everything we’re doing, in terms of work, in socializing, in family and everything else. If there is a technical manner that you can make it cleaner, easier, cheaper, smoother.., then that’s an exciting opportunity. Because the impact you can have is huge.” Mikaal Abdulla: “The banking industry really haven’t changed in a hundredRead More

JORDAN CASCAGNETTE: raising money to get to me the training camps and races

JORDAN CASCAGNETTE My dreams of competing internationally for Canada in cross country skiing began at a very early age. In the 9th grade I began training year round, and the day after my high school graduation I boarded a plane en route to Canmore Alberta where I had made my first Canadian Training Centre team, the Alberta World Cup Academy. In my two years skiing for the Academy, I had immediate success being named to the 2010/2011 Canadian Junior National Ski Team, as well as qualifying for my debut intoRead More