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HELP THE POOR TO READ: I am setting up a book library in Mumbai where users can read and borrow books for free – Needy students will get free textbooks

HELP THE POOR TO READ   I am a finance professional who is currently working as a freelance trainer and consultant in the derivatives area. From childhood I had a passion for reading and now that I have reached 50 years, I feel the need to crystallise my thoughts and aspirations and start a library for the disadvantaged who do not have access to reading material. In addition to providing books for reading, I will be donating school books and supplies including uniforms to the needs students. Initially I willRead More

Fragment: to raise the funds to publish every book in my novel series, Fragment

Fragment The purpose of this campaign is to raise the funds to publish every book in my novel series, Fragment. As of now, book one is completed and ready for entry into Lulu’s Blitz publishing package. The series will have 7 books (though I can increase the number to 12 if its popularity is more than I expect. I enjoy writing the story.) Each volume will have 6 six stories and 1-2 novelettes released after or alongside of them. The short stories or novelettes will be in the point ofRead More

THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER: Jordan and Leah are an expectant married couple dealing with a new level of uncertainty in their relationship

THE SNARE OF THE FOWLER ABOUT THE PROJECT This script is an exploration of a nightmare had by the director, Zachary Lee Ratchford. In writing this film, we wanted to depict this dream truthfully as it was experienced emotionally by Zach. The desire to recreate that sense of terror and twisted logic allowed us to develop this world and it’s characters through the prism of the subconscious. SYNOPSIS Jordan and Leah are an expectant married couple dealing with a new level of uncertainty in their relationship. While winding down fromRead More

Help Publish “Uhm…”!!

  Help Publish “Uhm…”!! “Uhm…” is an exciting new play about the English language and African culture. It’s already won awards – help us get it published!   We are The Papercut Collective: a group of young theatre practitioners with big talent and big dreams. Our first play, “Uhm…” has already experienced a life way beyond our expectations. And now we want to take it further. The play tells the story of Coceka, a young woman living in contemporary Cape Town. Born Xhosa but raised English, Coceka (or “CK” asRead More


PROTECT OUR WATER AND LAND FROM INVASIVE SPECIES YOU CAN HELP OCCA PREVENT THE SPREAD OF INVASIVE SPECIES An invasive species is a non-native plant or animal whose introduction to an ecosystem causes or is likely to cause harm to the environment, economy, or human health. Invasive species threaten the ecological balance of our lands and waters. OCCA is at the forefront of invasive species prevention, control and eradication efforts in Otsego County. Invasive species cost New York State hundreds of millions of dollars each year in direct control costsRead More

How To Get Over In College: a wonderfully succinct discourse on the attainment of value from the college experience

How To Get Over In College   The book is a wonderfully succinct discourse on the attainment of value from the college experience. Its ultimate aim is the provocation of critical thought in young people. In it you will find a number of practical tips and strategies for academic success, along with identification and critical analysis of other factors impacting value.  We evaluate networking  mentorship and many other social factors, as well we identify organizational affiliation, internships, and other strategic means of achievement. In addition we stress the importance ofRead More

KidScholly: one of the only organizations in the country offering scholarships to elementary, middle school, and high school kids

KidScholly What is KidScholly? KidScholly started as a challenge to two siblings on the day of their baptism. Both kids were given a check for $150 by their parents and told: “Your challenge is this: Take this money and find a way to make it grow. Then, decide how you can use it to help others. From that, came the brainstorm session that resulted in the creation of KidScholly. At KidScholly, we believe that every kid should have the opportunity to: Go to camp Play an instrument Be on aRead More

Helping others help themselves: Helping others is our responsibility to mankind!

Helping others help themselves Wiping away the needy’s tears throughout the years! I am Imam Hassan A. Amin founded of Muslim Social Services Agency (MSSA). MSSA was first established in 2003. It is the oldest Muslim social services organization in the State of Maryland and perhaps in America. Over the years we have helped over 10,000 low income, poor and homeless families, elderly and individuals to improve upon their quality of life. During the recent rioting, burning and looting in Baltimore City we provided or partnered with national organizations toRead More