lunes, agosto 31st, 2015


The Lovebenders – Doctor Lemonade (2016 EP): Pre-order The Lovebenders’ new EP, limited edition tshirts, dinner with the band, private shows, signed CDs, and more!

The Lovebenders – Doctor Lemonade (2016 EP) We are excited to be returning to the studio in January 2016 to record our next, all-original EP, with a release in February 2016. In addition to pre-ordering the album, there are all kinds of other goodies to pledge on, including dinner with the band, private concerts in your home, hand-written lyric sheets, signed CDs, and even your first name in one our song lyrics! As a reminder, portions of our pledge proceeds will go to support Urban & Shelley Meyer’s Fund for CancerRead More

Delivering Supplies to the Migrant Camp in Calais

Delivering Supplies to the Migrant Camp in Calais   On the 5th of September we will be driving to the migrant camp in Calais to deliver vital supplies to the people there who are living in desperate conditions. We will spend the money on tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, hygiene and cleaning products, tinned foods, torches etc depending on what the organisations distributing aid at the camp decide is a priority in the days before we leave. Below is a link to a list of things that are needed, if youRead More

Stockyards Connections Community Center: Share, Learn, Do, Together

Stockyards Connections Community Center the project The community center will be a place for residents to come together to share ideas, skills, build relationships and create a stronger sense of community. the steps The first step will be repairing the roof, then water, heat, and then the build of the rooms. why we’re doing it To build a stronger sense of community, learn from each other and have a place for us to gather. Summary: The community center will be a place for residents to come together to share ideas,Read More

Project Zero – Making it Happen

Project Zero Making it Happen Project Zero is the thread that holds the pieces of the garment together. We are the glue, if you will, of the Festival of Muizenberg. Unseen yet always necessary. The bucks start here.   Project 0 (zero) is necessary for Festival Muizenberg to happen! Muizenberg people are alive with the intention to become involved. To take responsibility for designing and implementing a way of life that reflects our core values of Celebrating who we are and what we have; Building local economy that supports us;Read More

EASY TAXI Y fundación HELP lanzan campaña para apoyar acceso al estudio de un joven colombiano

COLOMBIA (AndeanWire, 31 de Agosto de 2015) Subsidiará a jóvenes estudiantes con dificultades económicas

Jóvenes que pidan servicio de Easy Taxi por la aplicación serán motores de la alianza


RACING TO RIO WITH DANIEL GORMAN I have always loved testing my mental and physical abilities. From a young age, the capacity to master your mind’s natural ‘give in’ point and push beyond your body’s output has always been a personal challenge worth tackling. I never thought much about what drew me to that challenge. Perhaps it was a skill that would become necessary later in life and a practice essential to overcoming life’s confrontations and otherwise impossible challenges. The ability to toughen through a difficult situation takes true grit,Read More

No Stress Campaign by ProMovers: an intelligent website which will intuitively understand which removers are best for you dependent on your move details and personal requirements

No Stress Campaign by ProMovers   Project aim   Have you ever moved home and experienced a stressful move? Help ProMovers Take the Stress out of Moving, by supporting our No Stress Campaign.   The Professional Movers Association have created a unique star rating system so that you can easily identify the right man and van or removal and storage company for your needs. Our No Stress campaign includes the development of an intelligent website which will intuitively understand which removers are best for you dependent on your move details andRead More

The Chaser Quarterly: The Chaser has decided to return to its roots, in the form of The Chaser Quarterly

The Chaser Quarterly The story of the project The Chaser was founded in 1999, originally as a fortnightly satirical paper. About six years later, after 99.94 editions, as well as numerous Chaser Annuals, the newspaper was folded to give the team time to dedicate themselves to what they thought would be a vastly more profitable enterprise: building their Friendster profiles. Unfortunately, our initial financial projections about the profitability of our Friendster business model proved somewhat over-optimistic, and the team was forced into the indignity of hosting popular television shows just to makeRead More