jueves, marzo 3rd, 2016


Equity crowdfunding and interest rates

In 2016, we live in a world where negative interest rates are commonplace in developed nations. Don’t be fooled by US Fed’s move last December to raise interest rates from 0.25% to 0.5% per year. That was an exception. Europe and Japan already adopted negative interest rates. Even Israel, constantly under threat, is considering negative rates as well. The only important economies that still have high interest rates are those of BRICS countries (led by Brazil, with 14.25%; Russia, with 11%; India, with 6.75%; and China, with 4.35%). Even so,Read More

Soaring Shoes – Gadget for Walking and Jogging: Footwear for people who are willing and looking for a new experience.

Soaring Shoes *** Gadget for Walking and Jogging Footwear for people who are willing and looking for a new experience. About this project Soaring Shoes include a high performance spring system mounted on cycling shoes. They are designed for activities like walking and running on the paved road.  Third Time! What is New? “Soaring Shoes” cost is dropped down by optimizing a supply chain, a production quantity, and selection materials. You have the unique option to replace outsoles as it will be needed.  Soaring Shoes should improve the walking and runningRead More

White Jasmine: We are the first company to introduce Pakistani style spices to Wisconsin cheese

Personal Story White Jasmine is a family business, managed by a mother and son team. It is founded on flavor, culture and fusion. Founder Huma Siddiqui has lived on 4 continents and truly knows that memories and families come together at the dinner table. Taking this knowledge from across the world and developing a flavor profile through our cheeses and spices replicates our passion and commitment for good. flavorful meals! Cooking shouldn’t be a stress, it should be fun, therapeutic and best of all delicious! Business Description White Jasmine, currentlyRead More

BlueHawk Energy, Inc. project involves exporting US made methanol to China where demand for methanol is very strong and growing.

BlueHawk Energy, Inc. BlueHawk Energy Inc (“BHE”)’s project involves exporting US made methanol to China. In China, demand for methanol is very strong and growing. Export sales are by long term contract, in advance. Revenues are defined by contract. BHE’s team and partners are skilled and capable. We are raising capital at this time. BHE seeks investment from individuals and groups. We wish to grow our investor base. There is no minimum investment level. Timing for the project is excellent. US gas producers are highly motivated to find new markets.Read More

Hong Kong: California Pictures inks two picture deal for International rights to Rude Buay … the Unstoppable and Who Shot the Sheriff?

California Pictures announced today that they have acquired International sales and distribution rights to A L I Pictures’ John A. Andrews’ upcoming big screen projects: Rude Buay … the Unstoppable and Who Shot the Sheriff? Rude Buay … the Unstoppable is a secret agent, fast paced, suspense thriller, described as the epitome of a Black James Bond, meeting Traffic, Jason Bourne and Charlie’s Angels – gone bad. Set in Jamaica, Miami and Colombia: a greed driven fiasco baits this international agent who’s every man’s idol and every woman’s fantasy, backRead More

Fishbit: Your Aquarium Made Simple

The world’s simplest aquarium monitor and controller. Fishbit helps keep your tank thriving and fish and corals happy!   It’s two beautiful devices: a Monitor that lives inside your aquarium and a Controller that powers and automates your aquarium equipment. Both devices connect to your home’s WiFi so you can use your phone to control your tank from anywhere in the world! Your Monitor continuously checks your tank’s important water parameters — temperature, pH and salinity — as well as your tanks water level. So you can spend more timeRead More

PeerRealty Introduces Pre-Funded Real Estate Crowdfunding Offerings via New Credit Agreement

Chicago, IL – Chicago-based real estate crowdfunding platform PeerRealty announced today that a it has entered into an agreement with a Florida-based family office to provide a revolving line of credit for select PeerRealty deals. The newly signed agreement allows the platform to pre-fund select real estate crowdfunding offerings. “Pre-funding has been referred to as the ‘killer app’ of real estate crowdfunding, and this revolving line of credit marks the next big advance for PeerRealty as a platform,” said PeerRealty CEO Jordan Fishfeld. “The ability to pre-fund deals will makeRead More

mom & icepops: fresh-fruit, natural, gourmet deliciousness! – mom & icepops – bringing you the most unique, delicious, all-natural, responsibly sourced pops around! to brooklyn and beyond!

rhubarb-lavender = yummy! who we are:  mom & icepops is a brooklyn-based icepop business run by mom and son. family-made icepops to be enjoyed by all! we offer exciting icepops, with original flavor combinations, made with all-natural ingredients. mom & icepops are refreshing, delicious, and gourmet. we support local farms and businesses for our ingredients, and we’re delighted to share our uniquely conceived treats, with brooklyn and beyond. a happy customer! what we’re doing:  mom & icepops is launching a kickstarter campaign, in order to raise funds to purchase the properRead More