lunes, marzo 7th, 2016


6 Smart Strategies from Investment Consultants

The Soho Loft Conferences, together wiith LDJ Capital and Victoria Global, supports the Investment Consultants Forum organized by the Opal Financial Group this 8th of March from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm in New York City NEW YORK – March 7, 2016 – Luxury and insurance companies, equity managers, investment banks, hedge funds, consultants, real estate managers and venture capitalists are expected to come together at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York for this much anticipated event. LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake ( says, “The institutional consultantsRead More

DRAGONS – La Tétralogie: Les règles augmentées et en français de la 5ème édition du plus grand jeu de rôle !

DRAGONS – La Tétralogie Les règles augmentées et en français de la 5ème édition du plus grand jeu de rôle !  02/03 – ANNONCE IMPORTANTE : LE PROJET DRAGONS EST CONFIRMÉ !   – LIRE LA NEWS COMPLÈTE ICI – Une question sur le projet ? Contactez-nous ! – – Chaque nouvel objectif permet de débloquer des bonus ou des améliorations pour les livres ! De nombreux paliers ont déjà été atteints : ils sont détaillés un peu plus bas. Voici les prochains : RÉSUMÉ DES CONTREPARTIES ET BONUS DÉBLOQUÉS Ces visuels permettentRead More

Dana: Crooked City Cider – Oakland’s original cider, producing a variety of kick-ass craft ciders in Uptown Oakland

  Personal Story I grew up in Indiana and as a child was always looking for ways to earn money. It started at the age of six when I created a store in my basement to sell my old toys to friends! I soon realized that it was fun to be in charge and create experiences for friends and family. I expanded from there and started raising funds for local animal rescue non-profits, all the while developing my own endeavors to bring in more money to my piggy bank. IRead More

Give hope to the abandoned and vulnerable dogs of Hong Kong

  The Story A group of dedicated global citizens, who dream big enough, can make a difference. Are you one of them? Asia has a poor reputation concerning animal welfare but there are certain organisations trying to change this view. Since 2003 the Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) charity (#91/7544) has worked hard to rescue, rehabilitate & re-home abandoned & unwanted dogs. HKDR is proud to be a fully “No Kill” organisation meaning that no dog under their care will be euthanised for any reason other than when it isRead More

Ministro de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Sydney Samuels, es nombrado como Visitante Honorífico en las Verapaces

GUATEMALA (AndeanWire, 07 de Marzo de 2016) Tras la visita realizada por el ministro de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Sydney Samuels, a tres departamentos del país el último fin de semana; alcaldes municipales expresaron su agradecimiento al funcionario por dedicarles tiempo y recorrer largas distancias para llegar hasta sus municipios, es por ello que en Cobán, Alta Verapaz, así como en San Jerónimo, Baja Verapaz, el ministro Samuels fue nombrado como “Visitante Honorífico” por los alcaldes municipales correspondientes, así también en Cobán le entregaron la “Monja de Plata” como reconocimiento a su labor.


Picandshare – The Advanced Social Cam: The new frontier of the interaction between the “real” and the “social/digital” world.

Picandshare | The Advanced Social Cam Picandshare is the social cam that marks the new frontier of the interaction between the “real” and the “social/digital” world About this project Picandshare is a customizable cam that can be activated via a tweet and responds in real-time with a picture or an animated GIF to be shared via Twitter, in your Facebook album or in your Instagram profile. You can set your own Picandshare or find those installed all over the world. Who might love Picandshare: Brands aiming to increase the interactionRead More

Bessette Management Company LLC: Revitalization and Re-purposing of areas through the launch of a work-study, experienced-based College Campus and a supporting Entertainment District

  Bessette Management owners James and Michael Flood have created a Redevelopment Project about to begin in Southwest Michigan. The project has been in incubation and planning for over six years and involves the launch of a work-study, experienced-based College Campus and a supporting Entertainment District. This work-study College Campus will accomplish what other schools only dream of and that is producing graduates who will compete in the professional job market or be experienced enough to be a small business owner. Students will have fully discerned the career path mostRead More

IMPACT Leadership 21- Power of Collaboration is proud to present the 2016 Impact Honors, Celebrating the Courage to Drive Change Awards at The United Nations Headquarters, NYC

“The IMPACT Frederick Douglass award was created to recognize male champions whose efforts advocating for women’s parity make a difference worldwide. Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist and a staunch defender of women’s rights. His contribution and support paved the way for women around the globe, leaving a powerful mark on humankind. Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury was the first recipient of the IMPACT Frederick Douglass award for his creation of United Nations Resolution 1325, that women should have equal participation in peace and security decision-making processes- the first of its kind.Read More