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Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History is Feminist Frequency’s new video series.

Ordinary Women by Feminist Frequency About The Project   Hello! Im Anita Sarkeesian. In 2012, I launched a modest Kickstarter campaign to fund a small video series deconstructing representations of women. In an astounding, humbling turn of events, Tropes vs Women in Video Games drew international attentionboth positive and negativeand Feminist Frequency raised over twenty-five times the amount we sought.We put it to good use: in the four years since, Feminist Frequency has transformed into a non-profit organization devoted to critically engaging with media. Our videos have focused on examiningRead More

Se programa para abril la venta de una propiedad panameña de 34 acres a través de Platinum Luxury Auctions

MIAMI (AndeanWire, 23 de Marzo de 2016) /PRNewswire/ — El 16 de abril de 2016, la empresa de subasta de inmuebles con sede en EE. UU. Platinum Luxury Auctions ofrecerá una propiedad panameña conocida como Finca la Pagoda (literalmente, "Villa Pagoda") en una subasta en vivo. La propiedad previamente pedía US$2.3 millones, pero ahora se venderá al mejor postor sin reserva, y sin considerar el precio alto de la oferta. Si bien Platinum ha logrado una vasta experiencia en la venta de propiedades de varios millones de dólares ubicadas por todo Estados Unidos, la empresa ha manejado con éxito una cantidad de operaciones de subasta por toda América Central y los territorios del Caribe.


The Pride Vol. 1 Hardcover Collection – LGBTQ Superheroes

Collecting the entire first volume of The Pride, an LGBTQ superhero team, into a huge, gorgeous hardcover collection. About this project The Pride follows FabMan as he decides to form a team of all LGBTQ superheroes to stand up to the common misrepresentations and ignorance of the world. FabMan brings together Bear, Twink, Wolf, Muscle Mary, Frost, Angel and White Trash. The team find themselves standing up to a number of the problems and faulty thinking that the LGBTQ community faces daily, as well as being the only super-team inRead More

The Pinwheel Pavilion is the winning entry of the ArchTriumph’s Triumph Pavilion 2016: “Energy Pavilion” Competition

https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/spacehive/32ae0c0a-8a52-49ce-9e3d-7043f6f2fe97_video_finale-7.mp4 Pinwheel Pavilion By Five Line Projects Design and Research Office London About The Pinwheel Pavilion is the winning entry of the ArchTriumphs Triumph Pavilion 2016: Energy Pavilion Competition. We took the opportunity to interpret energy as a concept of the contribution of a single individual affecting a community and contributing to the force that drives a global city such as London. Being in one of the most culturally infused cities, this project is designed to engage the community and explore the potential energy that a single action triggers. ExtrapolatingRead More

Brewgooder: #DrinkBeerGiveWater – The World’s first craft beer to turn great beer into clean drinking water in the developing world

The World’s first craft beer to turn great beer into clean drinking water in the developing world #DrinkBeerGiveWater Hey, we are Alan and Josh, two friends from Edinburgh, Scotland. One night we were having a pint in the pub, chatting and putting the world to rights, as we often do. After a few more beers, the idea hit us to try and use beer itself to make a difference to people who really need it – Brewgooder was born. We set off on a mission to make a great tastingRead More

Brickhouse Products LLC – Evergreen Art Supply: Artists should not let the potential of their artwork be held back by the quality and price of their tools

Brickhouse Products LLC Evergreen Art Supply Seattle, WA http://www.EvergreenArtSupply.com Offer Overview Evergreen Art Supply Based in Seattle, Washington, Evergreen Art Supply has focused on building and leveraging an expert knowledge as an Amazon seller.We came on the market taking our first sales in June of 2015, and have since been experiencingrocket ship like growth. Targeting everyone ranging from the amateur to professional artist, every single one of our products have hit the ground running. We find ourselves constantly in need of reordering inventory almost immeadiately after launching the product justRead More

#PrayForBrussels – GoFundMe Creates Brussels Terror Attack Victims Fund

Brussels became the latest city to be rocked by an attack from the terrorist organization ISIS.Please join us in supporting the victims of this horrendous attack. We have created a campaign to raise funds for the victims and their families: Brussels Terror Attack Victims Fund We will be donating all of our fees and making a contribution of $25,000. Once an official charity for the victims has been established, we will transfer all funds there. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these senseless acts of violence and weRead More

Primo Toys: Cubetto – Hands on coding for ages 3 and up

A playful programming language you can touch. Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired. Learn programming away from the screen. About this project Cubetto is a coding toy for girls and boys. Powered by a tangible programming language. It’s super fun, super intuitive, and we need your help to make it happen! This is how it works… As seen on: Programming without the screen Children help Cubetto find his way home by writing their first programs using a set of colorful coding blocks. For girls and boys ages 3 and upRead More